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Predictive analytics.
In simple words, it is the search for patterns in previously accumulated data for use in the future.
The support of the full cycle of predictive analytics is most in demand: data structuring, data research, predictive modeling methods (forecasting, clustering, scoring), as well as an assessment of the model’s effectiveness.
The more data that were previously processed, the more optimal the decision will be to make, since the used regression and supervised learning algorithms must have a substantial number of variable values under the base. When processing large data, the adoption of such an optimal solution can take considerable time.
However, often the requirements of business problems are such that the necessary forecasts should be made not only optimally, but also instantly, in the event of emerging data relating to a particular operation, building on information already stored and previously processed.
This condition poses a serious limitation to the developers and makes it necessary to revise already established tools, as not suitable for real-time procedures.

Basic Algorithm



Our expertise covers a broad area related to the processing of big data in the field of telecommunications and competencies in both the already well-studied area of Data Mining and in the field of predictive analytics.
Using a fusion of technologies from these areas, we can give your business a serious impetus in development, allowing both to reduce your direct expenses on telecom and on the basis of analytics to solve your marketing tasks.

Our core competencies:
– Efficient implementation of analytical models of data flow profiling and predictive analytics on the required amount of data
– Use of mathematical tools to solve complex problems in business projects
– Expertise in machine learning and predictive analysis algorithms
– Expertise in Telecom-sphere and basic protocols of work with telecom operators
– Development and installation of highly loaded and distributed solutions for automation of large data processing on the client side

Key Benefits:
– Building an analytical real-time processing system for large data streams
– Deep knowledge of protocols in the telecommunications sphere and the use of their capabilities
– Reliable fail-safe high load solutions

Our target areas for working with clients:
– Customization of the solution
– Implementation on the schemes of On-Premise and SaaS
– Care for personal data
– Direct dependence of payment for a decision on cost reduction


Machine learning.
Machine learning is a very complex use of statistics for finding patterns in data and creating the necessary forecasts based on them.
At the moment, a sufficiently large number of algorithms and technological tools have been studied and applied.
The most commonly used machine learning algorithms: linear regression, the naive Bayesian algorithm, the classification of K-nearest neighbors.

SMPP v.3.4.
A short messaging protocol between the main messaging market participants in the world.
This protocol is much more convenient than the SSX-7 signaling telephone protocol set (SS7), since it allows you to work in a TCP session (OSI level 4).
The protocol is not new, but has not been modified for about 15 years, which did not eliminate a number of problematic features, which, however, can be taken into account when working.

GSM 03.34.
Global standard for digital mobile cellular communications. Used throughout the world.
The structure of the protocol contains a very detailed description of all the functions available to users of mobile phones and closely intersects with the contents of the SMPP v.3.4 protocol.



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